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Hole 2: Osborne-Wallsend

Par: 4

Distance: 242 metres

This short par 4 hole has a sloping fairway towards the ocean that makes your second / third shot interesting.

Trees on both sides of the fairway penalise any loose shot, and the hole has a good size green that appears flat.

Be careful not to over-shoot the green as trouble awaits you.

overview map of Hole 2

Osborne-Wallsend Colliery 1857 - 1991

The second hole is named after the Osborne-Wallsend Colliery.

In 1856 hand mining of the Bulli Seam began on the face of Mount Keira. This marked the start of commercial coal mining in the Illawarra.

The Albert mine (see Hole 1) was abandoned, and another opened just above in the Bulli Seam by Henry Osborne as the Osborne–Wallsend. On 16 April 1857, 3.5 tons were delivered to Wollongong by bullock dray for trialling in the steamer S.S. Illawarra.

Later developments included the installation of self-acting incline haulage and a tramway to Belmore Basin. The mine changed hands in 1899 and again in 1937 when it was purchased by AIS, who progressively mechanised the mine. On the completion of a cross measure coal haulage drift and surface handling system in 1954 the mine was renamed Kemira Colliery. The mine finally closed in 1991.

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